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Interactive Voice Response System, Data Phone, Bhojpuri/Hindi

anumanlok, colloquially translates to guess-wor(/)d; though anuman can also mean ‘inference’

During the month of August 2023, people dialed a phone number to listen, and interact with anumanlok. Like any other IVR, listeners navigated the complex structure an interdependent text, by pressing numbers on their keypad.

Text from the shared excerpt

Like most things meant for the public, and built upon rules invisible to the public, the format of IVR, and its commands (press 1 for x, press 2 for y) encode the limit within which a heavily scripted language operates. anumanlok enters this limit, and expresses how unstable the interdependence of language and meanings are, while still being locked in a code.

The sayings of anumanlok are ordinary expressions which struggle to express caste-oppressions in materially-intersubjective ways, beyond the direct intelligibility of political discourse. 
Text: Deepmala, Raju Ranjan and Kashyap
Voice-Acting: Deepmala
Audio Technology: Suvani and Abhishek
IVR: Aasma Tulika

Produced with members of —out-of-line— Suvani, Aasma, Radha, Sonam and Kaushal

The work is part of —out-of-line—  framework supported by Public Art Grant (2020) of Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art