Buckets, Audio-Electronics, Voice Acting, Ambience
Part of ContainerSpeak multiple-channel setup

Like buckets, like any non-speaking container, any body can speak

Text from the shared excerpt

An oppressed-caste person is considered 'unknowledgeable', and to maintain this sanction in the mundane, 'expression' becomes a mundane-taboo, sustained in the atmosphere by Religious-Political Loudness.

The extent of this loudness is hurtful to Body; No-Body can feel or think in this loudness.

Like tools deviced in the transmission of hegemonic signals, Sudras become absent in propagating what breaks them; But when a Container, a colloquial understanding of Self, becomes a Media-device, it is known that like buckets, any non-speaking container can speak.
Heard from the bucket are Bahujan expressions, struggling to understand their emotions and feelings.

The broken-bucket reproduces the audio for 'imitation', a video running in a multiple-channel setup with the speaking bucket.

Voice: Raju Ranjan, Usha Paswan, Sneha Kumar, Deepmala, Anonymous
Audio Technology:  Banana Apparatus: Ishan and Saurabh
Multiple Channel program: Saloni

Installation developed at Serendipity Arts Residency 2022
Shown at Serendipity, Delhi and Goa, 2022

bucketspeak is part of containerspeak multiple-channel installation made of everyday objects (containers, bins and pipes) that BECOME Screens and Speakers. The setup consisted of a Drain Pipe, into which a Screen is broken, two video projections, and two Buckets, one broken and one intact, activated as Speakers, using their own material bodies.

Image-Sculptures suspended in a multiple-channel arrangement-edit project a Proto-Atmosphere that struggles to Express in a circuit of appearances and disappearances.