Like most things meant for the public, and built upon rules invisible to the public, the format of IVR, and its commands (press 1 for x, press 2 for y) encode the limit within which a heavily scripted language operates. anumanlok enters this limit, and expresses how unstable the interdependence of language and meanings are, while still being locked in a code.

The sayings of anumanlok are ordinary expressions which struggle to express caste-oppressions in materially-intersubjective ways, beyond the direct intelligibility of political discourse. 
Text: Deepmala, Raju Ranjan and Kashyap
Voice-Acting: Deepmala
Audio Technology: Suvani and Abhishek
IVR: Aasma Tulika

Produced with members of —out-of-line— Suvani, Aasma, Radha, Sonam and Kaushal

The work is part of —out-of-line—  framework supported by Public Art Grant (2020) of Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art