The back-ground seems distant and dissociated from anything that can be felt.

The videos of congested house-cluster and river waves on the Tele[scopic]Vision are  documents from a so-called ‘ backward’ home; the third image-artifact, manifests a possible ‘upward-mobile’ future, of tiny appartments in massive rehabilitation-buildings, through which a migrant reaches for better life.

Shrined on the TV is an earthen figurine, anxiously-suffering-in-silence, empty-in-the-head; because from documentary to dream, nothing seems to re-present image-ination-s, erased by aired (caste-ideological) broadcasts. 

Clay figurine 5”x3”x3” 
TV 32”
Video 1920x1080

Clay figurine made in collaboration with Nishant Khoiya
Media player setup by Saloni
Videos and Edit by Kashyap
Installation developed at Serendipity Arts Residency 2022
Shown at Serendipity, Delhi and Goa, 2022