तुम भी उसी आबोहवा में जिसमें हम 

‘you are in the same atmosphere as me’

This is a 2 step experiment in studying disappearance and reappearance via ambience and paper-speaker.


A person disappearing resembles propaganda broadcast

2 audio files, text

The experiment rethinks the notion of room and the speaker-agent-human-machine within the room, as proposed by Lucier in his famous audio work “I am sitting in a room...”

This first sound sample is a document of reality recorded from a room in a ‘backward’ caste reality. The sound we hear is loudspeakered propoaganda (masked as celebration) targeted on a backward ‘caste’ person sitting in the room. 

A resembling atmosphere, similar to the  this, can be created by replacing a human with a machine in the action of recording-re-recording.

In this process, a voice is recorded, then played from a speaker, from where it is re-recorded, and then again re-re-recorded, and so on. 

By the third or fourth re-recording, the human expression begins to sound like loudspeakered propaganda, as received in the same room.

Hence, a person disappearing resembles the loudness of propaganda broadcast, or rather, loudness dissappears a person. 

English translation for text spoken:

“you are in the same atmosphere as me”

If resemblance is taken as a measure of understanding reality, this experiment would conclude that I live in a technologically distorted aurality, which is the third or fourth level distortion of a speech.