a scene from where you live

Scenograph: Drawings and photographs  

a dancer visits the workshop of a silversmith to get a septum piercing, a dog and a parrot talk, seepage from a drain pipe grows wild flora on brick walls, two different jatis or caste interact. 

only 50 years ago, such a scene took place on this exact place, but today, nobody knows. 

Culture has preserved the figure of the dancer and the ornaments made by the artisan as alienated artefacts, but the scene from where you live is missing because it is an inter-caste-action. 

Caste segregation is maintained on the stage of art and archives, dissociating the reality of work and workers, which is obviously inter-caste.

The missing scene, like an unspoken law, sustains the spoken taboo of inter-caste cultural assimilation.

part of Elephant in the Room: Infrastructures of Signaling in the Arts, a book published by Conflictorium (IN) and Stroom Den Hague (NL), 2023