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zeropowercut creates collective situations of inter-caste-actions of research and production.

We make art to present about how caste is coded in the Real. Our practice is an attempt to realise the transformational bahujan proposition of becoming other.

The processes we engage in are learned from the open source, and our societies (the streets and the workshops).

Through materials, image, text, history and philosophy, our independent research on caste analyses how the caste-ideological-categorisation of workers as ‘Sudra’ (meaning menial and unknowledgeable) dissociates Knowledge and Work.

zeropowercut has been shown/screened/published at/by: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai, India), Film and Television Institute of India (Pune, India), Jawahar Kala Kendra, Mumbai (Jaipur, India), Academy of Moving Image Festival w/ studio.camp (Mumbai, India); Conflictorium w/ Stroom Den Haag (Book; India and Netherlands), Serendipity Arts Festival (Delhi & Goa, India), Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (Delhi, India) and International Studio and Curatorial Program (New York, US).

zeropowercut is run by artist, writer and filmmaker Piyush Kashyap, from their small studio in the old part of Patna, Bihar.