Buckets, Audio-Electronics, Voice Acting, Ambience
Part of ContainerSpeak multiple-channel setup

Like buckets, like any non-speaking container, any body can speak

bucketspeak wants you to think about the apparatus used in propaganda, and the people who are reduced to the function of apparatus in propagating.  

By using the form and material of a plastic bucket to act as an apparatus, bucketspeak presents the zone-of-transfer from signal to image.

Through the whole-bucket (a container, colloquial idea for self) we hear them speak, for whom expression is a taboo.
 The broken-bucket reproduces the audio for 'imitation', a video running in a multiple-channel setup with the speaking bucket.

Voice: Raju Ranjan, Usha Paswan, Sneha Kumar, Deepmala, Anonymous
Audio Technology:  Banana Apparatus: Ishan and Saurabh
Multiple Channel program: Saloni

Installation developed at Serendipity Arts Residency 2022
Shown at Serendipity, Delhi and Goa, 2022

bucketspeak is part of containerspeak multiple-channel installation made of everyday objects (containers, bins and pipes) that BECOME Screens and Speakers. The setup consisted of a Drain Pipe, into which a Screen is broken, two video projections, and two Buckets, one broken and one intact, activated as Speakers, using their own material bodies.

The Image-Sculptures in multiple-channel arrangement project a Proto-Atmosphere that struggles-to-express through appearances and disappearances of what is present or imagined.