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Online Song Performance and Discussion, Leather and Plastic Dafli (Drum), Text

Jangayek’ means public or ‘folk’ singer-performer.

jangayek.txt is an attempt to make, sing and perform new songs and texts from oppressed-caste experiences, while re-editing parts of existing Dalit-Bahujan discourse with contemporary doubts.

In this ongoing practice, collaborators intersect their everyday observations with sayings, songs, tunes, texts and theory, as a way for sharing their multi-form anti-caste research.

Current iteration of the project discussed instances of how inter-caste segregation destroys the scope of Knowledge, and how hegemonic-castes dehumanize worker-castes by appropriating their ‘folk’ expressions.
Performance duration: 45 minutes, followed by discussion: 40 minutes

Song Performance by Raju Ranjan
Text by Kashyap and Raju Ranjan
Hosted from zeropowercut-base at Sadikpur, PatnaSaheb, Bihar(IN)

Organised with members of —out-of-line— Suvani, Aasma, Radha, Sonam and Kaushal

The work is part of —out-of-line—  framework supported by Public Art Grant (2020) of Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art

Text from the shared excerpt

jangayek.txt is an ongoing project in which excerpts from historical texts, folk-aurality, and other documents and experiences are shared between collaborators. Given below are few examples of sharings: